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Hi, My name is Nataly Yuzhakova.

I am English-Russian and English- Ukrainian translator.

And here is my contest "Singing Translator" at Lingvo24 Translation Agency videochannel. Please sunscribe:

Hi. My name is Nataly Yuzhakova. I'm an experienced Russian and Ukrainian translator.

Please familiarize yourself with my resume below.



Crestron - English-Russian 2000 words

December 2017


ACRA  English- Russian 1200 words

October 2017


BeeLine   Russian- English 6985 words

September 2017


AER – English – Russian 1775 words
August 2017


Ricconia English – Russian 6035 words

 June 2017


Bizerba – German-Ukrainian 3800 words

May-June 2017


Knauf – English - Russian 2664 words
May 2017



Fiesta -  English - Russian 2310 words
April 2017


Valmont Industries, Inc. –  English-Russian 6568 words
March 2017


Seener-G LTD – English-Russian 2063 words
March 2017



January-February 2017 English-Russian 1000 words


December 2016  English-Russian 1477 words


December 2016  English-Russian 20000 words


December 2016 English-Ukrainian  7752 words


November 2016 Russian-English 5200 words


November 2016 English-Russian 3100 words


Air Wick
November 2016 English-Ukrainian 2370 words


October 2016 English-Russian 2869 words


September 2016 English-Ukrainian 1356 words



September 2016 – English-Russian 2650 words


Chemoproekt, a.s. English-Russian 4185 words

August 2016

Ennova –  English-Ukrainian 3725 words

July 2016


Algopix Holdings Ltd –  English-Ukrainian 4950 words

July 2016


FLEX –  Russian-English 1762 words

June 2016


Satake Corporation (Instruction manual)  English-Russian 21766 words

June 2016


Raftis Group – (3815 words)

June 2016


PIX X’set® 
June 2016. Russian-English 4211 words


April- May 2016 English-Russian. About 3994 words


April 2016 English-Russian. About 9894 words


March 2016. About 6265 words to Ukrainian

CHRISTOFI Insurance 

March 2016. About 7300 words to Russian


Satake Europe ltd 
February 2016. About 8000 words to Russian


Roxar Services AS
January 2016. About 5000 words to Russian


Sterling retail
December 2015. 4512 words to Russian


William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd.
October - November 2015. English coding about 15.000 answers


Aquum Health Spa
September 2015. About 3500 words to Russian


Imperial Residences
September 2015. About 15.000 words


Academic report for University of Queensland
August 2015. About 25.000 words


ASE Global
July 2015. About 15.000 words


March – May 2015. About 1000 words


King Brand
March – May 2015. About 10000 words


Th. Geyer

About 1000 words to Russian

April 2015



Website about Cyprus hotels. Russian version. About 5000 words

April 2015


S.P. Business Center,Cyprus
(http://sp-businesscenter.com). About 3000 words to Russian
April 2015


Canadian Translation agency website

English-Russian Translation + proofreading
About 14.000 words

February 2015


http://www.kaeser.com. About 5.000 words to Ukrainian.
February 2015

Imperial Tobacco

British Tobacco company. About 20.000 words to Ukrainian.

January- February 2015


Manuals for air conditioners. About 5.000 words to Russian.

January 2015

Basketball club «Apollo», Greece 
November 2014


Manuals for air conditioners. About 5.000 words

November 2014

«Ukraiinska pravda» ("Ukrainian truth" newspaper)

Articles from Ukrainian to English. About 15.000 words.

November 2014

“Zerkalo nedeli” ("Week mirror" website)

About 10.000 words to Ukrainian

October 2014

Media group “1+1”
Translator. About 10.000 words to English.

October 2014

Pitchmastic PmB


September 2014

Escort Radar

http://www.escortradar.com/. About 13.000 words to Russian.

July 2014

Pitchmastic PmB
May 2014

  «Andreas Chr. Demetriades LLC» 

Legal field. Documents and the site for the company on commercial law
January 2014

LEROY-SOMER MOTORS www.leroy-somer.com
DTP for installation and maintenance manual of the three-phase induction motor
November 2013

Technical manual www.wymbsengineering.com
November 2013

Legal contracts, agreements. About 20.000 words

May 13 – August 13. Freelance translator



Proofreading. Automotive manuals. Ongoing project. About 10000 words

February 13 – April 13. Freelance translator


Subway restaurants

Franchise legal documents, about 5000 words

April 12 – September 12. Freelance translator


Equipment for the power plant. Manuals. About 25000 words

January 12 – November 12. Freelance translator

Zagope, construction company

Road construction project for Ukraine. About 10000 words

June 12 – August 12. Freelance translator

General Electric

Diagrams, manuals, tables. About 25000 words

January 12 – August 12. Freelance translator



Huge biotechnological project translated from English. About 8000 words

January 11 Freelance translator



Kazakh engineering project
About 12500 words

November -December 11 Freelance translator


Flexo Concepts

Equipment for printing houses
About 12500 words

August -December 11 Freelance translator


LocaTran Translations, China

Translation of comprehensive manuals related to industrial equipment.

January -December 11 Freelance translator


Russian affiliate network ''Eterra 24''
Translation of marketing e-books for company`s e-store.

January -December 11 Freelance translator


Alice-Sofia, Bulgaria
Freelancer translator of contracts and legal texts (English to Russian/Ukrainian and Russian/Ukrainian to English).
October 10 -July 12 Project manager


AGI Triple, Translation Company, Russian Federation, Moscow
Freelancer translator of legal texts (English to Russian/Ukrainian and Russian/Ukrainian to English) and computer games (English to Russian), including little poems. Working on US financial legislation project

January 08 -July 11 Project manager


Ukrainian Newspaper “Sea Truth”
Translator – English, Russian and Ukrainian. Shipping news, shipbuilding industry articles, economics.

January 05 - January 08 Translator


Stankotechimport, Odessa, Ukraine
Translator. Negotiating terms and conditions of the contracts for the import of the spare parts and various equipment for the vessels and ports of the Ukraine, administrative support. Translation work (technical documentations to vessels’ spare parts and equipment).

March 04 - January 05 Translator

Morgan Walker Solicitors Law Firm, London, UK
Employed as a Commercial, Arbitration and Media Paralegal. Worked mainly with the managing partner, had sole conduct of 5 cases at arbitration stage:

- Prepared advice letters and reports for my supervisor on matters of arbitration proceedings and general commercial disputes.
- Prepared a number of agency and distribution agreements for media clients, drafted witness statements, which has further developed my drafting skills and as a result I feel more confident in compiling complex letters and documents.
- Translating agreements and contracts for russian-speaking clients.

January 02 - January 03



Legal Practice Course, College of Law, Guildford, England

LL.B Hons.(Law), University of Sussex, England

Buckswood Grange International School and College, England